I consider as Bad Trader people who don't respect my trading rules (see Rules section in my Home page).

Anyway, i remind you some points ...

You will be put in my Bad Traders list if you :

1) Don't send your part : well i could be patient, but after 2 months i haven't still received my part, i'll ask you to re-send the package
2) you send me mp3 sourced bootlegs and if you don't send me remplacements
3) you send me DVD VCD sourced and if you don't send me remplacement
4) you send me cdrs or DVD that i cannot listen to (burning errors) and if you don't send me remplacements

I don't have put anyone in my Bad Traders list for the moment, even if i have encountered some problems with some traders ...

My 1st ever bad trader, who is certainly the trader who ripped off the most of traders these last years !



The story began when Carlos Carbonell contacted me by email in early July 2006. He asked me first a quite big trade (20 dvds). As i didn't trade with him in the past, i told him that as a first trade between us, i will accept only a 10 dvds trade. He sent him his list on a Excel file. He had a quite nice list, with most of the bands i really like, and so, i found easily 10 dvds in his list i was interessed in. I accepted the trade because i read in few forums that he succeeded in few trades. We agreed to send at the same time package. About 1 week later, he told me that he had received my package. At the time, we used to talk a bit via emails. He seemed to be a very nice guy. About 3 weeks after, i still didn't have received his package, so i first thought it was because of summer holidays, so it should take more time to come ... 1 week later, still nothing. Carlos then agreed to re-send the dvds... and then no more news from Carlos, no more replies to my emails, and then, complaints from other traders started to appear in more & more forums ... I realized at this time that this guy was a first class ripper and that i will never see the color of dvds i asked him . After few months, it appeared that Carlos Carbonell was using different nicknames on different forums. How could we know that ? Mod forums posted in september the info that the users ak47_steve_harris (Carlos Carbonell), Iron Miami, Ladykiller was posting on forums with exactly the same IP address. It was clear that this guy was a professional ripper, and was practicing this with art ...

Then, during few months, no more real news, except from some forums from time to time, where traders were posting they had been ripped off by Iron Miami / ak47_steve_harris etc...

About 1 month ago, i received an email giving me a link to a thread in the Van Halen trading forum. This thread was dealing with the fact that Iron Miami was Martin Uranga aka Ruskin Arm ! My first reaction was to get angry because i knew Martin and was talking via emails almost each week. Moreover, we had 1 or 2 trades without any problem. Martin was like a friend and i put my trust into him. So i took his defence on this forum, with maybe too strong words, but i didn't want at this time to see Martin's name put in the mud. For having taken his defense, i was banned 2 times from this forum !

Few days after that, i received an other email, with a document ... and what document ! This document included a big number of proofs & elements which showed me clearly that Martin Uranga, was without any doubt Carlos Carbonell, the ripper king ! It was a shock ... Evidences were there, and i couldn't deny the facts... So i started to make researches by myself with the elements given on the document ... and it lead me to the same sad conclusion ... Martin was this ripper !

It was asked to me to not spread this document, but it was read by some of the more respectable traders and tapers : RockNix, Darthrya, Gebs and Bobo. We all confirmed that all the elements taken from this document let no doubt about its conclusion. Before putting all this affair public, emails were sent to Martin. The more details were sent to him, the less replies he did ... because he did know that he could not defend himself because proofs were there and let no doubt about his real identity. So there was no doubt that all this affair will go public … and so, it will be the last chance for Martin to defend himself…

It was given public the 17 of February 2007 in a thread on Metal Fans United forum here : http://z10.invisionfree.com/Maiden_fans_united/index.php?showtopic=14157&st=0

Links were posted on some other forums : Infinite Dreams, Metal Devastations (where Martin had a lot of activities ; taking part to a big numbers of vines), Maiden World.

Martin never posted on these forums to try to defend himself ... because he did know the more he will tell lies, the more we will show proofs. Last lie he told was that Iron Miami was his niece .... while he always denied any link with Iron Miami ....

It lead to admin of Metal Devastation to make researches by his own… and once again, it lead to the same conclusion. Martin is Carlos Carbonelle / Iron Miami : http://z12.invisionfree.com/Metal_Devastation/index.php?showtopic=2613&st=0

So if a trader from Miami contacts you, ensure to know who he really is, and never send him dvd first !